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Is the Stamp Duty applicable if I assign Power of Attorney to a?

The Power of Attorney, which you have referred to is the one, which is called Special Power of Attorney. By this Special Power of Attorney, the Seller appoints / nominates an Agent to just appear and present on his behalf the Sale Deed (duly executed by the Seller himself at his place) at the Sub-Registrars Office for registration along with the Purchaser. It may be noted that the particular Sale Deed will be actually signed by the Seller himself (Owner of the Property) and after his signatures as required in the Deed, his Special Power of Attorney Holder will take care of his interest till registration of the Sale Deed. This SPOA involving an immovable property should be duly stamped and attested by the Registrar / Sub-Registrar at a nominal charge, before execution and registration of any particular conveyance deed, as is done in the case of a General Power of Attorney involving an immovable property. Though the Stamp Duty (mostly Rs.100/-) is the same for all the kinds of POAs, the SRO Attestation charge (not strictly called Registration Fee) will be lesser in the case of a SPOA. In Tamil Nadu, such a Special Power of Attorney costs Rs.100/- by way of Stamp Duty and Rs.50/- as a charge for attestation by the Sub-Registrar. The rates may differ from State to State.

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