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What is the application of Faraday's law?

Faradays law(In layman terms): When the magnetic flux through a coil changes it induces an emf in that coil. Faradays law has wide range of applications. Few of them I am writing below. Applications: 1.Transformer: It works on the principle of Faradays law of electromagnetic induction. Transformer posses two windings,as shown below. Supply is given to the one of the coils(primary) of the the transformer and it induces emf in the another coil,which is an application of Faradays law. 2.Induction cooking : Conductive cookware gets hot, due to the eddy currents that are produced at the bottom of the conductive cookware which is exposed to the magnetic field(which is shown in dotted circular lines). Which is also an application of Faradays law. 3.Electric Generators: It is the one of the crucial applications of the Faradays law. Shaft is rotated with the external agents like wind ,turbines. Then the armature also starts rotating with the shaft in the presence if the magnetic field . Then we get induced emf as output from the armature. 4.Motors: Motoring operation is also a reflection of the Faradays law. 5.Wireless charging: Magnetic braking, Maglevs, Fan, Mixer,etc,. list is very big. So , I cant write all of them here. Thank u

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