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What are the necessary extensions to have while developing Flutter?

The Necessary extension you must have as a flutter developer. I am jotting down some my favorite and useful extension. Flutter Files This extension is used to organize all your flutter files for application in a structured way. 2. Awesome Flutter It provide you the shortcuts and code snippets that are used in flutter functions and classes. 3. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2. A customization extension for colorizing matching brackets for flutter code. 4.Error Lens Improve highlighting of errors, warnings and other language diagnostics. 5.Flutter Intl Flutter localization binding from .arb files with official Intl library 6.Flutter Tree Extension for Flutter to build basic widget tree. which helps to simplify the code and better for understanding. 7.Flutter Widget Snippets A set of helpful widget snippets for day to day Flutter development. It helps in increasing the speed for writing code. Theme Extensions: Add a new look to your Vscode. 1.Prettier Code Formatter 2. Dracula Official If you like the answer then do upvote it and share with your friends. for more flutter post follow my page - Thanks!

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