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Why are NTSC and PAL still used in military applications while today?

Firstly I am not aware that this is the case, but in any event there are potentially good reasons. The lifetime of a certified piece of military equipment is very long,and changing for fashions sake not acceptable. If say a fire control system for artillery was designed around a rugged CRT system, it will not be changed without very compelling reasons. .The number of parts inside analogue equipment is much less than inside digital equivalents, and the potential for a single solder joint to fail,is proportional to the number of connections. The degradation in image quality with an analogue system is gradual, whereas with digital it is all or nothing. The digital systems usually lag by a few seconds their analogue counterparts. .Listen to both an FM radio and a DAB radio and you will hear the lag. . This does not matter when watching TV, but will if a torpedo is inbound.

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