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Would I have a better chance in college applications if I were to?

In contrast to what everyone else has written, I think if you play it just right, it could help you. Firstly, I would say it is definitely not worth it to spend your time and effort on Quora JUST SO THAT you can increase your chances of getting an admission, because that will not be worth it. However, if you already spend part of your time relaxing on Quora and you meet the criteria you mentioned, perhaps you can use it to your advantage. You are going to have to word it very carefully, so that you do not give off the wrong impression. For example, saying "I spend a lot of time on social media trying to read and answer questions" will probably not help you at all. Instead, if you thread along the lines of "I find it hard to quench my thirst for knowledge, and this very curiosity finds me, amongst other things, reading up on a large variety of intellectual questions. At times, I attempt to answer these queries after having deeply thought about them", it might be more beneficial. Disclaimer: That was just a very rough idea, and you are not meant to copy that because it is not good enough to land you a seat at college. My point is, though, if you are able to sell yourself in the write way (ha ha was that not very punny?) by working on your strengths, you can definitely use this as an advantage! Cheers :D

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