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What are some amazing facts about PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most successful payment processors today. It is available in 202 countries with 203 Million active users. There are 770,793 websites currently accepting payments with PayPal, and this number is growing day by day. PayPal has remarkable founders and employees, who succeeded in different spheres later in life. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, the former employees of PayPal founded YouTube, Reid Hoffman founded LinkedIn, Elon Musk founded Tesla, Yelp was founded by Russell Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman. In 2002, PayPal stock grew to 55% on NASDAQ. After this on July, the same year eBay bought PayPal with $1.5 billion. This money gave the opportunity to PayPal founders to reshape much of the technology world we know today. In 2015, Ebay spun off PayPal, and the two companies were divided again. Since then PayPal stock is up about 56%, and eBay stock is up by 43%. 3. PayPal supports 26 currencies Though PayPal supports 26 currencies, there are some differences in the account for different countries. For example, there are many countries where PayPal users cant enjoy some financial features that Americans do. They cant cash out money from their online wallets, but they can still make purchases. Also, PayPal currency exchange rate is a bit lower for many currencies. But overall, it is a great help to make and receive payments for many people around the world. 4. PayPal demographics 43.86% of PayPal users are from the USA. The second comes from Germany with 17.61%, followed by the UK with 14.39%. 87% of millennials in the US use PayPal for receiving and sending money. Around 30% of PayPal transactions are made through mobile devices. 5. PayPal is all over the world PayPal has 56 offices in 31 countries. Its centres and offices are located in Arizona, Nebraska, California, Texas, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, China, India, and many others. Meanwhile, PayPals operations centre is not in fancy Silicon Valley, but in Nebraska! PayPal has 18,000 employees of 119 nationalities. 55% of them are millennials. It is interesting to know, that there are 13 countries (Belarus, North Korea, Iran and Iraq) where PayPal is officially prohibited. PayPal is a partner with many big companies such as Google, Facebook, Visa, Master Card, Telcel, and Vodafone. 6. Users love PayPal 86% of Paypal users are likely to recommend the service to their friends. Additionally, the US citizens consider PayPal to be the second safest payment system after Credit Card.

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